I had been out of town, so late this morning was my first chance to look for 
the refound Brown Booby. I was successful. It was on the green channel marker 
located at 42.88887,-76.72518. I first went to the location many have described 
as "Townline Road" but some have had trouble locating because there are 
Townline Roads along many township borders. To be more informative, this refers 
to the Aurelius-Springport Townline Road next to the railroad crossing of 
NYS-90 north of Union Springs. 

HOWEVER, going west from NYS-90 this is not a road. As I was pointedly informed 
by the owner, Steve Talcott, it is a PRIVATE DRIVEWAY (in fact there is a small 
sign to that effect near NYS-90). He does not appreciate his land being taken 
for granted as if it were a public park. He would appreciate being politely 
asked for permission to bird from there. His number is 315-730-3571. Although 
the Booby was not being particularly exciting or obvious I showed it to him and 
explained how special it is. He granted permission by phone for a group of 
birders from Cornell, and welcomed them, and when I left I believe we were on 
good terms. Please don't screw it up.

I stayed for over 3 hours hoping to see it fly and hunt. It didn't. The light 
got worse. I took a break to get food from the Nice-n-Easy, and drive to Lower 
Lake Road. The bird was still on the platform of the channel marker and 
remained there for another 3 1/2 hours including sunset. Lazy thing. I guess it 
did all its feeding and most of its preening earlier in the morning. It did 
stand up and stretch a few times, so I know it has proper wings. And it 
defecated several times, so presumably it has been eating. So far I have no 
reason to believe it is unhealthy. It just surprised me by how sedentary it 
was. Perhaps that's how it evaded detection for almost 3 weeks.
--Dave Nutter

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