Mary Jane, I suspect windows. A few years a go I had a call about two birds found together on a patio at this time of year. They were fox sparrows, both in near perfect condition. Especially when birds can see light coming though from other windows they think that they can fly through. And your decals won't help with that. Sad to lose birds this way. Good that you keep your cats indoors. Gerry

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1. Woodcocks, Cardinals


Subject: Woodcocks, Cardinals
From: Mary Jane Thomas <>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 16:29:55 -0400
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An interesting article about Woodcocks from today’s NY Times.

On another topic.  The other day I found a dead male Cardinal on our side 
patio.  There was no sign of trauma.  However, it reminded me of the awful day 
last spring when I found 4-5 dead Cardinals lined up on the same patio.  Again, 
no sign of trauma.  There are windows they could have struck; I have decals on 
them to help with prevention (I’m aware the decals are not a complete 
solution).  But they were lined up so neatly I couldn’t believe it was 
accidental.  Had they been killed by a hawk, I would not have expected the 
bodies to be there.  We have indoor cats but they never go out.  There are 
other cats around but not that close to the house;  even if they were close our 
cats would let us know I’m sure.

I have some photos of the immediate area of the house if it would help.  I 
would really be interested in any ideas, advice, etc. anyone has.


Mary Jane Thomas




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