An interesting article about Woodcocks from today’s NY Times.

On another topic.  The other day I found a dead male Cardinal on our side 
patio.  There was no sign of trauma.  However, it reminded me of the awful day 
last spring when I found 4-5 dead Cardinals lined up on the same patio.  Again, 
no sign of trauma.  There are windows they could have struck; I have decals on 
them to help with prevention (I’m aware the decals are not a complete 
solution).  But they were lined up so neatly I couldn’t believe it was 
accidental.  Had they been killed by a hawk, I would not have expected the 
bodies to be there.  We have indoor cats but they never go out.  There are 
other cats around but not that close to the house;  even if they were close our 
cats would let us know I’m sure.

I have some photos of the immediate area of the house if it would help.  I 
would really be interested in any ideas, advice, etc. anyone has.


Mary Jane Thomas


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