Took a day trip to Montezuma and vicinity.
Started at Visitor's Center and the place was
pretty much void of shorebirds. Just a small
grouping of about 18  LEAST SANDPIPERS.
There could have been more as many were hidden in
the grass by the edge of the swamp.
I heard a SORA with its calls here too among others.
A nice CASPIAN TERN flew right over head
and I had my camera ready to go.

My list is here:

Next stop was the Mucklands and there still
is a lot of waterfowl and gulls. I had quite a few
BONAPARTE'S GULLs but didn't refind the LITTLE GULL.
I didn't really find many shorebirds. Highlight for me
were 54 CASPIAN TERNS loafing in two groups one on
each side of the road.


Next stop was Carncross Road and again there was
a nice gathering of CASPIAN TERNS loafing here.
I counted 51 this time. Carncross is looking interesting
as there were many many yellowlegs of both species
in the flooded corn stubble. The corn stubble made it hard to
find all the birds. I did manage to get on 2 PECTORAL
SANDPIPERS and 1 LEAST. Undoubtedly there
are more birds here, they were hard to see at midday too
with the sun at my face. The wind didn't help either.
If the water levels remain the same or drop some, this
could be a great place like previous springs.


Last stop was wildlife drive. Highlight was a continuing
Also 2 SANDHILL CRANES at Eaton as well.



Dave Nicosia


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