Started our day of investigating the nooks and cranies of the refuge by
observing Dave Nicosia doing his best Jim Cantore imitation while
simultaneously wind sheltering, hanging on to his tripod and counting
peeps at the visitors center. That's  peep dedication! 

We'll add a few items to his observations.  Highlights were watching the
mating of a pair of Sandhills at Eaton and an interesting interaction
between a dominant Canada and two TVs in the middle of the wildlife
drive. Sadly, before that was resolved, one of those tour the refuge at
30mph cars came through and broke up the match. We wondered if the
Sandhill mating might indicate an intent to nest around Eaton Marsh? 

The drive was loaded with Gallinules and PB Grebes. Counted 14 of the
former there and more later on at Van Dyne Spoor Rd where many Anax
junius were also flying. Great Egrets in several areas, a Green Heron at
Carncross, 6 Trumpeters, GW Teal, Woodies and Shovelers as well. A Grey
Ghost and a hen Harrier hunting the drive just before the construction
block and a dark phase Red-tail at Carncross joined the myriad of eagles
and Osprey. Always a highlight were three Black Terns on the drive. 

We had 2 snipe at Carncross and many Greater Yellowlegs all over as well
as several Solitary Sanpipers bobbing through the marsh edges. As Dave
reported there were many Caspians, especially at the mucklands and we
had 6 Common Tern on the drive and at the other areas. 

Purple Martin pairs in residence at the visitors center condo as well as
a single uppity House Sparrow. Thousands of Tree and Barn Swallows all
the way up the west side of Cayuga as well as the refuge areas. Warblers
were thin with Yellow, Chestnut-sided and Redstart predominating. Swamp
Sparrows were in a couple of marshes. Ended the odyssey around 5 PM with
55 species. A visit to Bass Pro for new boots (the marshes were quite
wet) completed the day. 

John and Sue

John and Sue Gregoire
Field Ornithologists
Kestrel Haven Migration Observatory
5373 Fitzgerald Rd
Burdett, NY 14818
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