Four white-crowned sparrows are dining at our feeders this morning.  It appears 
to be two males and two females, going purely on brightness and a bit of 
behavior (mild aggression between two brightest).

Also a female purple finch, song sparrows, chipping sparrow(s), downy and hairy 
woodpeckers, mourning doves (displacing white-crowns by waddling at them), 
bluejays and a pair of redwinged blackbirds. 
 The female redwing is apparently seriously considering nesting in the iris 
that are tall and abundant in our swimmingpool-converted-to-pond.  This morning 
the male apparent agrees on her choice and was displaying to her amidst the 
iris leaves. She looks young—little color to her face, quite stripy but dull. 
Protection from chipmunk predation will be the problem.

Anne B Clark
147 Hile School Rd
Freeville, NY 13068


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