One persistent pair of Merlins!

One of the nests I am monitoring is likely by a pair that successfully raised 5 
young last year in a nest about 400 m from the current nest. The current nest 
is in the back yard of a family with three, young kids. Two days ago, I walked 
up to check on the nest and found that the land owners were gone. However, a 
new raised swimming pool had been installed about 15 m from the base of the 
nest tree and a tree frequently used by the pair was cut down, which provided 
more sunlight for the pool. I was sure that the birds would have abandon the 
nest. But, there they were. The male called as he brought in food and the 
female responded. Amazing.
So far, four of the five nests I am monitoring this year are still active. 
Young should be hatching about this week. Previously most failures of a nest 
occurred by this stage in the nesting cycle. So, I am hopeful for a better year 
this year than the last two years.

As eggs hatch and nestlings become noisy and demand frequent feeding, the 
adults become conspicuous. I don't know if any nest has nestlings yet because I 
don't get to every nest every day, but there will be young soon. By the way, if 
anyone finds a Merlin nest location, I would love to know about it off 
cayugabirds at, thanks.

Kak, Kak, Kak, Kak,


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