At least one Broad-winged Hawk fledgling has been around my yard for several 
days, calling to be fed. Species that breed down in the valley below me have 
begun making (post-breeding) appearances up here: Kingfishers, Great Crested 
Flycatchers, Yellow-throated Vireo. I've noticed Wood Peewees moving around 
too. The local Barred Owls are moderately vocal.

No bears have visited me this season, so I'm still feeding sunflower seeds, and 
like others, I have had a flush of young Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Purple 
Finches (and Towhees), the produce I guess of nests that were situated close 
just to take advantage of this resource. I got so used to the calls of young 
RBGBs that their absence was really noticeable when I visited Labrador Pond and 
Clark Reservation on Wednesday afternoon. No sunflower feeders at either 
location, that I could see, but the swamp milkweed is really gorgeous now, and 
monarchs obviously love it! The little Nature Center at Clark Reservation has 
such a lovely garden that I was sorry there was no one around to compliment.

A few days ago I scouted for a practical (if arduous) route by which I could 
get my kayak out to the open water in Michigan Hollow Marsh. Probably won't 
yield any surprises, but if I don't do it this year, when the the water is so 
high, will I _ever_?


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> .  So, get out there and find some birds. And let us know what you find.


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