My afternoon walk in my second and third growth woods didn't yield the bounty 
of birds of Geo's woodlands, but I heard a PEEWEE, a CARDINAL & a SCARLET 
TANAGER. Also saw a female DOWNY WOODPECKER softly pecking a tree, as well as a 
freshly discarded pure white egg shell.
My yard w/ feeders has several species, too, including regular ROSE BREASTED 
GROSBEAKS & CAROLINA WRENS. Most mornings I hear an OSPREY chirping over the 
lake shore.

Donna Scott
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On Jul 29, 2017, at 5:32 PM, Kevin J. McGowan 
<<>> wrote:

There hasn't been much local birding information on this list for a while. I 
admit that I'm as guilty as anyone of not posting my sightings. I get most of 
my "hot bird info" from my hourly email eBird "needs list" updates for the 
county. It's an awesome tool, but it's not as friendly as CayugaBirds. (Just as 
an aside, Steve Kelling created both of these forums!!)

So, here are some of my recent observations and thoughts.

There are lots of baby birds out there right now. I'm hearing hatch-year bird 
calls everywhere I go. Also, young warblers seem to be on the move right now. 
We've had lots of young Yellow Warblers around the Lab trails this week, and 
most of there were NOT produced on the local grounds. This was an oddly 
Yellow-Warbler-free year in Sapsucker Woods. As far as I know, there were NO 
breeding pairs around the Lab pond this year. So it seems that newly-produced 
warblers are dispersing. I had some nice encounters with hatch-year Blue-winged 
and Chestnut-sided warblers today, and I heard young warbler chips and zeeps in 
lots of places while driving around town.

My weekly crow census at the Cornell compost facility on Stevenson Rd turned up 
a single Herring Gull amongst the approximately 500 Ring-billed Gulls (only 
present in the last few weeks). Also, a single SOLITARY SANDPIPER foraging 
along the drainage ponds. A PEREGRINE FALCON of undetermined age (man, they fly 
fast!!) came through and flushed just about everything.

A few shorebirds are being reported at Myers Point, and a respectable report of 
the transitional male RUFF came in this week from the main drive at Montezuma.  
So, get out there and find some birds. And let us know what you find.


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