Concerning Donna's email about the chicken, I live near Conn Hill..lots of
woods out here, and have seen that people will just dump chickens they
don't want for some reason or other. If a chicken lover goes to get them,
the abandoned chicken can avoid feeding foxes and coyotes etc..Laurie

On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 1:01 PM, Donna Lee Scott <> wrote:

> Yesterday my neighbor out in his boat saw one of 2 OSPREYS that is fishing
> around here, catch a fish so large that the bird could not get it up out of
> water, and had to drop the fish!
> Earlier I had seen one of them dive 2x without success; then that one flew
> to the 2nd one perched in my tall dead White Oak on edge of lake cliff.
> They both took off south towards Salt Pt. The perched Osprey had a small
> fish held by only 1 foot as it flew.
> Today's surprise: a black CHICKEN strutting around by road a few houses to
> north. Hope it stays out of road. Nobody on Lansing Station keeps domestic
> fowl. Will inquire among uphill neighbors.
> Donna Scott
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