Walking a path through the thickets below my shop a few minutes ago, I heard 
"smack!" alarms. Stepping in, I found a family group of Brown Thrashers, all 
raising the alarm. In moments, they were joined by a group of Wood Thrushes, 
then a family of Blue Jays arrived in the treetops to see what the fuss was 
about, then there were Flickers, then Hairy Woodpeckers, then a Common 
Yellowthroat with a big caterpillar in his beak popped up at eye level and 
chimed in, then a Blue-winged Warbler appeared, then a female Hooded Warbler, 
and so on. Big commotion, lasted about five minutes, then everybody just melted 
back into the greenery. All but the little bandito, who had disposed of the 
caterpillar while I was turning round and round, and continued to "Tschat" and 
"Teek" at me all the while I remained in the vicinity. Almost like a summer 
daydream it seems now, but my pants legs and socks are _plastered_ with the 
sticky seeds of agrimony, avens, cleavers and other hitchhikers!


Geo Kloppel, Tupper Road, West Danby

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