It's that bittersweet time of year. Favorite birds are starting to leave. 
Others are raising yet more youngsters!

Each time I've taken a morning walk up Mt Pleasant Road over the past few weeks 
I've heard the flight calls of Bobolinks flying overhead, sometimes too high to 
see. This afternoon though, there was a large, if very spread out, flock in the 
mixed switchgrass/goldenrod field opposite the observatory and downhill toward 
the farm in the dip between hills. I started counting as at first a dozen or so 
took flight and flew low over the field, then more and more passed, a few 
stragglers here, another dozen there, all heading in the same general direction 
only to land further uphill and disappear from sight into the long grasses. I 
stopped counting at 55!

Other delights were the distant sound of a Common Raven and a Eastern Wood 
Pewee calling from...well...the eastern woods!

Back home, I discovered a quite visible Northern Cardinal nest with two large 
nestlings right near the house. How could I have missed that??? No wonder both 
Mr and Mrs Cardinal have been singing in the yard recently...I watched as the 
female flew into the nest tree after giving a short snatch of song, 
disappearing into the leaves with a beakful of green larvae.

The paradoxes of late summer...


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