*  New York*  Syracuse   
   - September 18, 2017
*  NYSY  09.18.17 Hotline: Syracuse Rare bird AlertDates(s):September 12, 2017 
- September 18, 2017to report by e-mail: brinjoseph AT yahoo.comcovering 
upstate NY counties: Cayuga, Montezuma National Wildlife Refugeand Montezuma 
Wetlands Complex (MWC) (just outside Cayuga County),Onondaga, Oswego, Lewis, 
Jefferson, Oneida, Herkimer,  Madison & Cortlandcompiled: September 18  AT 
10:30 a.m. (EDT)compiler: Joseph BrinOnondaga Audubon Homepage: 
www.onondagaaudubon.org  Greetings: This is the Syracuse Rare Bird Alert for 
the week of septamber 05, 2017.

Montezuma National Wildlife Complex (MNWC) and Montezuma Wetlands Complex 
     16 species of Shorebirds were reported at the complex this week. 
Highlights will be listed below.
     9/15: A COMMON NIGHTHAWK was seen along the Wildlife Drive. A STILT 
SANDPIPER was seen at the Audubon Center.     9/16: A GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH was 
found at the Audubon Center. BAIRD’S SANDPIPER was reported at Martens Tract 
and Knox-Marsellus Marsh. A WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER was seen at Knox-Marsellus 
Marsh.     9/17: 2 STILT SANDPIPERS were seen along the Wildlife Drive.

Onondaga county------------
     9/15: A COMMON NIGHTHAWK was seen at Radisson River Park (private) on the 
Seneca River south of Phoenix.     9/17: A GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH was seen at 
Radisson River Park. An early WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW was sees in Manlius.

Oswego County------------
     9/14: A LINCOLN’S SPARROW was seen on O’connor Road in the Town of Scriba. 
    9/15: A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was see at Noyes Sanctuary on Lake Ontario. A 
PHILADELPHIA VIREO was seen in Hastings.

Madison County------------
     9/15: Six species of shorebirds including a WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER were 
seen at the Madison Street impoundment north of Hamilton.     9/17: A 
PHILADELPHIA VIREO was seen on Bonney Hill Road east of Hamilton.

Oneida County------------
     9;14: A RUDDY TURNSTONE was seen at Sylvan Beach.     9/16: A GRAY-CHEEKED 
THRUSH was seen at Verona Beach Woods     9/17: A LINCOLN’S SPARROW and a 
PHILADELPHIA VIREO were seen at Spring Farms Nature Sanctuary south of Clinton.

Herkimer County-----------------
     9/13: A YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER was seen on Carlson Road north of 
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---Joseph BrinRegion 5 Baldwinsville, NY  13027  USA

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