I spent a delightful morning yesterday walking around Howland Island. Waterfowl 
season was just beginning: there was a lot of gunshot and very few ducks in 
evidence  (in contract to the thousands in the MNWR main pool). Best birds were 
a softly calling Hermit Thrush and a lone female Rusty Blackbird in a flock of 

The main reason for writing this up is to alert folks to a new resource. Jim 
Eckler and Frank Morlock (DEC Morgan Road) have recently acquired a drone with 
camera, and they have been posting aerial photos of the various DEC properties 
in the Northern Montezuma Wetlands Complex. Think Howland Island, Martens 
Tract, Railroad Road, etc. They intend to post updated photos throughout the 
season. It’s fascinating to see, from the air, exactly what is out there beyond 
the cattails and phragmities. Go to https://friendsofmontezuma.org and find the 
“what’s new” section at the top-center of the page.

Bob McGuire

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