Click on "events"  & then to the right see the list including "Drone 
Pics of Northern Montezuma". Aerial views are also included but the 
drone pix are closer. I never dreamed so much water & land are there.


On 10/29/2017 2:06 PM, bob mcguire wrote:
> The main reason for writing this up is to alert folks to a new 
> resource. Jim Eckler and Frank Morlock (DEC Morgan Road) have recently 
> acquired a drone with camera, and they have been posting aerial photos 
> of the various DEC properties in the Northern Montezuma Wetlands 
> Complex. Think Howland Island, Martens Tract, Railroad Road, etc. They 
> intend to post updated photos throughout the season. It’s fascinating 
> to see, from the air, exactly what is out there beyond the cattails 
> and phragmities. Go to _https://friendsofmontezuma.org_ and find the 
> “what’s new” section at the top-center of the page. Bob McGuire -


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