Hi Everyone:

The December Monday Night Seminar is coming up next week. For a change of
pace, the upcoming session will be *largely bird-free!* I’ve heard that
Harry Greene is a fantastic speaker; this should be a real treat.

For those who can’t attend in person, we will also be live streaming the
lecture at bit.ly/BirdTalks
<http://dl.allaboutbirds.org/cornelllab-monday-night-seminars>. Doors open
at 7:00. Free, no registration required.

Hope you can make it!



*Monday, *
*December 4, 2017       7:30 PM to 9:00 PM*

Primates and Snakes: 75 Million Years of Deadly Dialogue?

*Harry W. Greene, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell

Come hear the fascinating story of how snakes and primates have influenced
one another’s evolution for millions of years. Harry Greene from Cornell
University’s Department of Ecology and Evolution explores the theory that
snakes have influenced the evolution of primate neurobiology, vision, and
fear, beginning as long as 75 million years ago with constricting predators
and 50 million years ago with venomous adversaries. The origins of venomous
front-fangs radically changed encounters with snake predators, such that
birds and primates, with their sophisticated visual, acoustical, and
cognitive abilities, influenced the evolution of serpentine defensive
displays and mimicry. As weapon-wielders, primates in particular might have
affected snake evolution, including the origins of serpents’ long-distance
weaponry in Africa and Asia. These long-term, evolutionary relationships
among snakes and primates both challenge and inspire efforts to conserve

Marc Devokaitis
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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