Yesterday morning (3 Jan) I was driving an empty taxi through the Town of 
Newfield on Elmira Road (NYS-13). South of Test Road is a marsh along the 
headwaters of the West Branch of Cayuga Inlet. The marsh is currently frozen, 
of course. Near there I saw 2 black birds fly east across the road toward some 
tall trees in a yard on the hillside. Their tails were too long for Starlings. 
I pulled over and, scanning with binoculars, found several birds in the 
treetops. With a hand-held scope through my partially open window I saw 2 male 
and 1 female RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS. The temperature was 8°F, and I was not 
expecting my first 2018 sighting of this species to be there. I bet the fence 
at that house hid some popular feeders.

- - Dave Nutter

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