> On Jan 4, 2018, at 11:48 AM, Marie P. Read <m...@cornell.edu> wrote:
> I haven't seen or heard my backyard tough-guy Belted Kingfisher for several 
> days...
> Marie

At 11:15 this morning I was driving an empty taxi through the intersection of 
Hanshaw & Niemi Roads when a male Belted Kingfisher flew southwest in front of 
me. It was below treetop level, so I assume it was on a local trip.  The nearby 
Cornell experimental ponds are frozen. There’s a larger more natural pond 
nearby (to the NW not SW) but could there be any open water there? And there 
are other wetlands in the area, but without higher land close by, how could 
they be spring-fed and open? And what would live in them that a kingfisher 
could catch this time of year?  The temperature was all of 1°F. 
I thought Marie’s kingfisher up by Mt Pleasant was odd in such cold weather 
even though there is a swamp near her place. Maybe this is the same bird 
roughly five miles away. Or maybe her bird went south on the Jan 1 or 2, and 
this bird is now going south from somewhere else. Anyway, it was a surprise to 
- - Dave Nutter

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