I went to the game farm today to census crows and try to find some year birds 
(like Black Vulture). I was looking in the active pheasant pen at the NW corner 
of farm where the Black Vultures have been hanging out. I didn't see Black 
Vultures, but I noticed a RED-THROATED LOON sitting in the snow in the field 
north of the farm! Ten feet into Dryden!

Although the loon made a pitiful effort to "run" away from me, it was pretty 
simple to wrap it up in a blanket and pick it up. Its wings and feet were 
functioning well, and I didn't see any blood, injuries, or abrasions on it, so 
I decided to take it to Cayuga Lake and release it.

It did not understand, of course, anything I was trying to do for it, but it 
knew what the lake was. As I was carrying it down to the shore at East Shore 
Park, it started lunging forward in my hands and making running motions with 
its feet. It swam away quickly when I released it, dove, came up, flapped, and 
started preening.

Not the way I thought my day was going to start.

I have a photo in my checklist at 



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