...a day makes!

Yesterday (Sunday) I too went up the lake and thru Montezuma's Wildlife Drive 
and Tschache Pool areas, areas Laura Stenzler described Saturday.
I saw no Canvasbacks in the main pool, although maybe I missed a few way 
across, and not too many waterfowl anywhere,
and Tschache pool was no longer "wall to wall" ducks! I guess they all moved on 

Still, it was wonderful seeing the many bird species I did see and I ended at 
East Rd./Knox Marcellus for a quick look before I had to head home at 3 PM. One 
swan and 2-3 real Snow Geese at K-M.

I say "real Snow Geese" because across from the Potatoes building on Rt. 31 I 
saw a lot of "Tyvek" Snow Geese decoys arrayed in a field and later saw a 
similar array of the puffy, blowing-around fake geese off the Rt. 326 shortcut 
from Rt. 90 to Rt. 34B.  I don't know if the special goose hunting season is 
still on or not.

This morning as I filled bird feeders here on Lansing Station Rd by Cay. L., I 
heard 2 Common Loons calling loudly and seemingly-joyously to each other!

Donna L. Scott
535 Lansing Station Road
Lansing, NY


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