We have a American robin nest above the door to our deck where we can get a 
great view of all of the activity. The adults are feeding four young which 
hatched about a week ago. Before flying to the nest they often land on the deck 
railing to check us out before deciding it is safe to fly to the nest. This 
affords a good opportunity to see what they are carrying. This afternoon I was 
surprised to see a whole, young salamander in with the worms in the adults 
beak!  The entire load was fed to one hungry chick. Yesterday we found a dried 
carcass of a small salamander under the nest on the floor of the deck. 
According to the “AllAboutBirds.org” website, robins “have rarely been recorded 
eating shrews, small snakes, and aquatic insects.”  Maybe it’s not as rare as 
previously thought. 


Laura Stenzler

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