That's odd Fritzie as we are currently experiencing both local young of
the year and dispersing birds, young and adult migrants. A casual
estimate here is a dozen or more right now. We do have lots of
pollinator friendly blooms right now as well.

John and Sue Gregoire
Field Ornithologists
Kestrel Haven Migration Observatory
5373 Fitzgerald Rd
Burdett, NY 14818
42.443508000, -76.758202000 
On 2018-09-03 17:25, John and Fritzie Blizzard wrote:

> On 26 Aug. 2018 I saw the last male hummingbird.  28 Aug. I saw the last 
> female at my feeders.  As I stood watching the goldfinches & nuthatch in the 
> crab apple tree outside my window, I realized that for more than a wk.,  I 
> hadn't see ANY of the 25-30 (English), predominately male, house sparrows  
> that have been here since before last winter. Not one. May they not return! 
> They killed too many tree swallows & bluebirds. The chipping sparrow(s), not 
> unexpectedly, are also gone. 
> I am pleased to see many different butterflies & many, many more monarchs 
> than I have seen in years. Must be my imagination but the monarchs seem 
> larger than in the last few yrs.. They visit my cosmos more than any other 
> flowers in my flower bed. 
> We're still seeing occasional young ospreys as we're out along Rte. 90.  A 
> few T. vultures that roost down in the village are still here.  
> My thrill was being outside early last wk. to see 6 chimney swifts go down 
> into the tall chimney of the girl's dorm at the US Academy. I hadn't been 
> able to be outside in the evening to see them & indeed, thought repairs to 
> the chimney last fall may have included covering the chimney with screen. 
> Fritzie B. 
> Union Springs 
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