Sunday afternoon I sat at Stewart Park looking out at the relative low bird
count. Of interest were two American Wigeons foraging "somewhat" close (I
was hoping they'd get closer for better photos, though they never did), and
11 Northern Pintails flying back and forth trying to decide whether to land
(again, I had my camera settings poised for them to land right in front of
me, but instead they decided to continue north and away). At one point two
male Green-Winged Teals appeared, and coincident with their appearance I
started hearing short "prrt" calls, reminiscent of tree frog. I checked my
Sibley App and sure enough, they were indeed from the GW Teals, a
vocalization I'd never heard, or maybe just never noticed, before. (The
recording "male lands and peeps NE" has a sequence of them, whereas what I
heard were single "peep"s about ten seconds apart, not sure if coming from
one of the birds or both in turn.)

Yesterday afternoon while walking around Commonland, a Cooper's Hawk flew
to the top of a tree and sat vocalizing for a while, with a "mek mek mek"
call I don't think I've heard before. It was reminiscent of Common
Gallinule, but in a falcon-like repetitive pattern. The only other Cooper
vocalization I remember was at Steve Kress' house a number of years back,
which was a single longer call was reminiscent of sapsucker.

Also, heard one Pine Siskin singing yesterday morning outside my house, but
had no binoculars.



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