The CBC trip led by Suan Young and myself broke into two groups before heading 
off to look for woodcocks and owls. I led my group to the corner of Snyder Hill 
and Whitted Roads. We got out of the cars at a minute before 8 pm, just as the 
woodcock uttered its first “peent” of the night. We were able to follow its 
flight several times before attempting to get a closer look at it on the 
ground. Unfortunately (for us), the brush had grown up in the past year, and we 
just couldn’t manage a sighting.

Following that we drove over to Hunt Hill Road for a staked-out Barred Owl. 
After a little more than ten minutes, the owl did come in and begin to call. It 
was the presumed female, based on the lower frequency call. Shortly after that, 
the male arrived, and we were treated to a duet that lasted for several minutes!

Bob McGuire

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