Bob McGuire has gently corrected me that after I shared a recording with
him, it truly was a Carolina wren. Dang. Sorry about that false alarm. What
a stinker...

On Sat, Apr 20, 2019, 6:49 PM Karen Edelstein <> wrote:

> This morning, and for 3-4 days prior, I've been hearing common
> yellowthroats singing in the woods behind my house (Salmon Creek Valley,
> Lansing). In past years, they've also arrived on the early side, yet
> hearing one singing by (or before) April 20th seemed a little odd. But this
> morning, the bird was right outside my bedroom window, and very loud. I
> checked it against the song on eBird (first recording on the list) and it
> was identical--basically counter-singing to what was outside. I'm 100% sure
> on this one.


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