I just saw this notice from eBird, but nothing on CayugaBirds-L or the text 
rare bird alert yet. Nice description by Diane Traina of the Yellow-throated 
Warbler at the NYS-89 entrance to South Spring Pool at Montezuma NWR. (It’s 
shocking how many people don’t actually describe the rarities they report.) 
This is a species we don’t see every year in the Cayuga Lake Basin, although 
Dave Kennedy also found one 2 days ago next to Seneca Lake north of Willard 
Town Park. An invasion! I hope this one sticks around and is easier to refind. 

- - Dave Nutter

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> - Yellow-throated Warbler (1 report)
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> Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominica) (1)
> - Reported Apr 23, 2019 13:36 by Diane Traina
> - Montezuma NWR--South Spring Pool, Seneca, New York
> - Map: 
> http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=42.97062,-76.772992&ll=42.97062,-76.772992
> - Checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S55303176
> - Comments: "Bright yellow throat from base of bill to top of breast. Striped 
> on flanks, white wing bars. White eyebrow stripe. Black around eye extending 
> down side of cheek and neck. Grey clear belly to tail. Greyish on back. Seen 
> just past post from entrance at art 89. "
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