After a delightful early morning with Josh Snodgrass and a robust group of over 
20 birders I heard word of a reported GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER at the intersection 
of Combs and McCarriger Rds between Lodi and Ovid. Got over there at 10:45 
where the two birders present reported last seeing it at 10:30. Just after 11 I 
saw a smallish warbler with a black throat and a yellowish wing patch. The 
light was poor and it was a brief look but good enough for an ID. About 15 
minutes later I saw presumably the same bird and got a good look at a black and 
white patterned head although the body was obscured.
I also saw a Black-throated Blue, two Blackburnians, 3 Nashvilles, a 
Yellow-rumped, and heard an Ovenbird.
Jared Dawson


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