We will be doing the first guided shorebird walk at Montezuma this coming
Sunday August 11th. We will meet at the visitor's center at 7 am. The dike
between K-M marsh and Puddler Marsh will be open to us. I suggest we all
meet at the visitor's center at 7 am because I want to go where the birds
are first. If wildlfe drive is active (which it has been lately) we will go
there first, then over to the dike. If the K-M Marsh starts picking up with
shorebirds this week, we will go there first and then potentially do
wildlife drive. I want to be flexible so we can see the most birds
possible.  Also, if you have field leader experience and/or are an expert
in bird ID/shorebirds and want to assist I would really appreciate it. In
the past contributions from others have made the field trips more

As always bring water, snacks, insect repellent and sunscreen. The weather
is looking decent this far out. A nice cold front will be passing by
Thursday night/Friday so this should crank up migration. Sunday looks like
high pressure and fair weather. Keep your fingers crossed it stays this way
because it could be pretty decent weather and migration wise.

Any questions let me or Andrea Van Beusichem know (I cc'ed her on this
email).  Thanks to both Andrea and Linda Ziemba from Montezuma for
continuing this popular program. I have received multiple inquiries over
the past few weeks.

Dave Nicosia


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