Greetings birders,
There will be public night flight call listening session tomorrow night 
(Friday) near the Hartung-Boothroyd Observatory atop Mount Pleasant Rd., a few 
miles east of Ithaca from 8:30pm to 11pm or later.

The forecast is for a clear sky with north wind 5-10 mph. Birds will be high 
but we’ll have microphones and other tools to help tune in.

I expect a steady flight of Bobolink & Veery, as well as lots & lots of 
warblers. Based on this time in past years, 30% of the warbler calls will be 
about equally from American Redstart, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and Ovenbird. 20% 
(1 in 5) will be what are often referred to as “zeeps”, short modulated 
(slightly buzzy) calls from a complex of species very difficult to distinguish 
by ear (mostly likely tomorrow night are Magnolia & Blackburnian, but also 
Yellow, Blackpoll and maybe even Cerulean). Less common will be the distinctive 
night flight call of Canada Warbler (~ 1 out of every 30 warbler calls) and the 
more difficult but still distinctive Mourning Warbler (~1 out of every 50 
warbler calls). You can hear these calls online at:

There will be many of other species in the mix tomorrow night and maybe the 
first Tompkins County record of Upland Sandpiper in more than a year.

We usually have this listening session in September, but tomorrow night is 
really looking good, with shades of once in a lifetime, and of course it’s a 
Friday night!

More info posted tomorrow.

Bill Evans


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