Forwarding Chris T-H’s email regarding tonight at Mt. Pleasant.  We should be 
ready to go by 8:30pm with microphones for listening to night flight calls, 
real-time Binghamton & continental NEXRAD, and thermal imaging.


From: Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes 
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2019 9:54 AM
To: NFC-L 
Subject: [nfc-l] ITHACA: Nocturnal flight calls @ Mt. P Friday night

Please join Bill Evans and me tonight, Friday, August 23, 2019, for a late 
evening of night listening atop Mount Pleasant at the Hartung-Boothroyd 
Observatory, located East of Ithaca, NY. 

The address for this location is: 553 Mount Pleasant Rd, Freeville, NY. The 
Observatory is located on the South side of Mount Pleasant Road.

We will mostly like be set up on the South side of the Observatory by 9:00pm, 
and plan to take down once the night flight calls diminish, by midnight, unless 
there is a more significant migration.

Birds should start moving after the end of Civil Twilight, which will be around 
9:00pm, and there will be a lull around 11:00pm, due to the Lake Ontario shadow.

Please take care when parking to avoid the roadside ditches and stay alert for 
passing cars.

Because microphones will be set up and people listening, please try to keep 
voices to a whisper as you approach or while you hang out with the group.

What to bring: flashlight, chair, warm clothes or a blanket. It will be clear, 
damp, and cool, with a low around 50ºF.

Good night listening wherever you are!

Chris T-H

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