Thanks to all who made this Merlin study possible.

I monitored the nest success for seven nests in spring 2019. The number of 
discovered nests has remained nearly constant in the last four years. All nests 
have been in urban/suburban locations. Most of these nests were discovered by 
others and reported to me, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you all for 
your help.

Of monitored nests (i.e., nests seen on more than one date), I know that 4 of 5 
local nests fledged young. A monitored nest in Freeville probably fledged 
young. A monitored nest in Endwell fledged young. Three fledglings were seen in 
Tioga Point Cemetery, one of which had an injured leg. This site has had 
successful nests for the last two years,

 More detail and a video by Suan will be available in the next Cayuga Bird Club 

John Confer


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