I've been tied up with other responsibilities this year and haven't been 
able to bird much but yesterday evening I was able to go out and got 
past the 1/4 mile mark on the Lake Trail for the first time in many 
months.  I was expecting to find some migrating warblers in the brush & 
small shrub/trees east of the trail since this generally is a great spot 
during migration.  But not any more!  It looks like someone went in and 
clear cut a swath of 50' or more and then followed up with generous 
application of herbicide, leaving no vegetation of any kind in a wide 
band for much of the 1½ mile length of the trail - hideously ugly and, 
so far as I can see, totally unnecessary in terms of protecting power 
lines since nothing had been even remotely close to line height. (Plus 
this is less than 100' feet from the Seneca Lake shore - wonder what 
effect the herbicide that was washed into the lake had on the lake 
ecology?)  I think the actual bush remains where this past spring's 
Yellow Throated Warbler was seen, but so much of the surrounding area is 
devastated that the area certainly will be less likely to attract it 
next year.  The cedars and taller trees further back remain, but the 
brushy spots and smaller trees on the east side of the trail are almost 
all gone now

Does anyone know when this was done?  And if it was NYSEG or the NYS 
Parks?  I'm equal parts heartbroken and furious.


P.S.  The NYS Parks 2020 Plan has set as Goal 6, "Sustain New York's 
Natural Environment" and goes on to say,

    As stewards of the 335,000 acres of parkland, a central part of
    State Parks’ mission is to protect its natural treasures, beautiful
    open spaces and diversity of plant and animal life.
    • Protecting natural resources.A variety of stewardship
    initiatives–in partnership with colleges, not-for-profits and
    volunteers–will include projects to prevent the spread of invasive
    species, protect rare plants and animals, plant trees and improve
    natural habitat at parks across the State.

Really?!  By wiping out a prime re-fueling stop for migrating warblers??!!


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