Some final numbers for the 23rd annual Montezuma Muckrace which took
place 9/6-9/7: 

        34 teams took part with a total of 152 participants! 176 species
overall were recorded including a 1st for the Muckrace, Laughing gull.

        Top team in each category; 

        COMPETITIVE- Wind Birders- 119 species 

        RECREATIONAL- Hovering Howlands Harriers- 130 species 

        FAMILY/MENTOR- Silky Flycatchers- 113 species 

        COLLEGIATE- Tofurkey vultures- 56 species 

        LOW CARBON- Terns & Conditions- 51 species 

        PHOTO- Shutterbirds- 70 species 

        $10,978 was raised for the Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.
 This money helps support a variety of projects within the complex
including habitat restoration/enhancement, construction of observation
platforms, research projects, a MOTUS tracking system, among others.
THE TOP FUNDRAISING TEAM- Arrogant Bustards- $1900 

        Thank you to all the teams and participants! 

        Kyle Gage 



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