For me it was an exciting morning.  I spotted a red fox out back so I headed to 
the sunroom to see if I could watch him.  He ended up hunting for rodents 
around my feeder.  While out there I looked to see what birds were there.  It 
was about 6:45.  I get the most birds early.  Anyway, a Mockingbird landed on a 
metal decoration in the garden.  Very exciting.  I haven’t had a Mocker around 
here in many years.  They used to nest in my yard, but then we had a horrible 
winter with extreme cold, and I never saw one here again.  They used to defend 
the crabapple tree against any bird that would go in the tree.  I’m hoping it 
may stay around.  I have lots of winter fruits with crabapples and 

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