The mockingbird surprised me with a visit again.  It was here eating 
Winterberries.  I’m glad I have 5 bushes covered with them.  There could be an 
interesting war over the berries this summer.  I’ve had robins and bluebirds 
fighting over them before.  Many years ago I had a pair of mockers nesting in 
my yard.  They considered the crabapple tree theirs and drove off all other 
birds.  I have only a few crabapples left on the big tree but the new tree out 
front is covered.  I’d love the mocker to stay! I got pictures of it this time.

As for other birds, I do have several Tree Sparrows and lots of Juncos.  
Otherwise it’s the regulars.

The other day I was invited to “teach” my niece’s daycare class about birds.  
What fun.  I brought lots of my bird photos to share.  I’d love to inspire a 
new generation of birders.  I’m giving my 4 year old niece kids binoculars, 
bird ID books, and feeders for Christmas.  Here’s hoping.  Get them while 
they’re young.

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