Two Robins showed up outside our window yesterday (2/21/20), near the 
feeders. Hope they are finding something to eat.

Today, when the temperature reached 35F in the shade I went outside to 
sit in the sun. There were birds at the feeders but mostly quiet. At 
12:50 the quiet was broken by the loud piercing calls of a Cardinal. 
This was immediately followed by a deafening "dawn chorus" all around, 
which lasted for about 20 minutes.The Cardinal's cries were followed by 
the repeated loud cheerful song of a Titmouse; then a very insistent 
WBNuthatch went on and on; Goldfinches started singing, a Blue Jay 
started up with loud rasping screeches intermixed with long Keeeer, 
keeeer imitations of hawks on the wing; other birds piped up all around 
with the Cardinals and Blue Jays dominating. Finally when it all died 
down, a Mourning Dove which had been sitting in front of me the whole 
time ended the chorus with its mournful song. Glad I didn't miss it! 
Yesterday's Robins were not seen or heard.

On a sad note, the Chipping Sparrow which had been visiting our feeders 
every day stopped showing up after the big snow two weeks ago. We kept 
hoping it would show, but it must have perished. At the feeders daily I 
could see it was shivering gently the whole time. We think it spent its 
nights just outside our back door under the roof. No A.Tree Sparrows 
have appeared this winter.

Waiting for Spring!

Nari Mistry, Ellis Hollow Rd.

*Nari B. Mistry*,
Ithaca, NY
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