Today on our deck on Meadowlark Dr.: 2 chipping sparrows and a
white-throated sparrow!

On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 2:05 PM Nari Mistry <> wrote:

> Two Robins showed up outside our window yesterday (2/21/20), near the
> feeders. Hope they are finding something to eat.
> Today, when the temperature reached 35F in the shade I went outside to sit
> in the sun. There were birds at the feeders but mostly quiet. At 12:50 the
> quiet was broken by the loud piercing calls of a Cardinal. This was
> immediately followed by a deafening "dawn chorus" all around, which lasted
> for about 20 minutes.The Cardinal's cries were followed by the repeated
> loud cheerful song of a Titmouse; then a very insistent WBNuthatch went on
> and on; Goldfinches started singing, a Blue Jay started up with loud
> rasping screeches intermixed with long Keeeer, keeeer imitations of hawks
> on the wing; other birds piped up all around with the Cardinals and Blue
> Jays dominating. Finally when it all died down, a Mourning Dove which had
> been sitting in front of me the whole time ended the chorus with its
> mournful song. Glad I didn't miss it! Yesterday's Robins were not seen or
> heard.
> On a sad note, the Chipping Sparrow which had been visiting our feeders
> every day stopped showing up after the big snow two weeks ago. We kept
> hoping it would show, but it must have perished. At the feeders daily I
> could see it was shivering gently the whole time. We think it spent its
> nights just outside our back door under the roof. No A.Tree Sparrows have
> appeared this winter.
> Waiting for Spring!
> Nari Mistry, Ellis Hollow Rd.
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