Early this morning a male RB Grosbeak showed up.  Right now I had a beautiful 
White Crown Sparrow show up.  The Oriole has been quietly hanging out in the 
serviceberry .  He went to the nearby seed feeder.  I couldn’t tell if he tried 
to eat anything.  There is grape jelly, suet, and oranges for him.  

I went to Montezuma this morning.  It was upsetting to have so many bicyclists 
there.  I spoke to one group and he said it was permitted.  I said not in 
nesting season.  One woman was not only out of her truck, but walked down into  
the area after La Rues lagoon.  I only saw two new birds, gallinules and a lone 
egret. There were quite a few geese with their babies.  There were lots of 
turtles basking in the sun.  I only spotted one duck, a flying mallard.  There 
were quite a few ducks ways out in the visitor center pool and I spotted one 
greater Yellowlegs.

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