I haven’t rechecked today but the swallow species distribution has shifted as 
of yesterday, Wed May 6:  more Barn Swallows but also 2-3 Cliff Swallows, 
looking a different shape, no tail streamers and with distinct light rumps 
clearly seen.  At least one Rough-winged Swallow was still there, and some Tree 
Swallows as has been the case for the last 10 days, perhaps.  Losing track of 

Also between 5-520pm, an Osprey going N along the waterway, and a Peregrine 
going across without stopping, and a Green Heron, the first *I* have  seen.  I 
think others have seen one.  Female Redwinged Blackbirds sound like they are 
nesting, but I haven’t seen any carrying material yet.

Then around 630, after another Zoom session, a female Harrier was coursing back 
and forth across the field East of my house.  She finally left diagonally SE, 
probably across Ed Hill Rd.  Past years, just across (east) Ed Hill from the 
first big fields on the west side of Ed Hill as you go S from HIle School 
intersection, I have seen a pair frequently and figure they nest well east of 
the road there.   


PS apologies for not getting these into eBird at the time.  eBird and my phone 
are not collaborating these days.

Anne B Clark
147 Hile School Rd
Freeville, NY 13068


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