Had my first warbler flock of the season this morning down in Six-Mile
Creek, where I don't often go for warblers (because looking up from the
bottom of a gorge makes warbler necking that much worse, and because I'd
never encountered too many warbler migrants before). The songs included
buzzers (Norther Parula, Black-Throated Blue, and Black-Throated Green),
wheezers (Black-and-white, American Redstarts singing black-and-white), and
a lingering Blue-Headed Vireo. All while a/the Louisiana Waterthrush
continued belting out its loud song from the opposite shore.

Yesterday and last friday I checked out the Hawthorn Orchards and basically
found nada, despite some of the hawthorns flowering. An ovenbird, some wood
thrushes, common yellowthroat, and eastern towhee were the only birds of
note. Has anyone else been there and seen anything? I may try again



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