Hi Folks.
Reuben Stolfus asked that I post this for folks interested in possibly
seeing the clay colored sparrows that Kyle Gage posted today (5/12/20).
The location I will describe is on PreEmption Rd. (also called County Rd.
6) heading south of Geneva, NY.
It is suggested one gets permission before attempting to go onto the land
where the sparrows are. The property is owned by a Mr. Wilson Nolt. His
phone is 315-759-5100. He doesn't mind "visitors" but - out of respect - it
is wise to call beforehand to let him know the reason for your visit.
His house number is 5134 PreEmption Rd. It sits on the west side (right
side) of the road as you head south on PreEmption Rd. That being said, you
will need to turn LEFT into a stone/gravel driveway that is just north of
-  and on the opposite side of the road of - his house. Reuben says this
left will be just past an old barn. The road/drive goes back thru an old
apple orchard. So, as you are heading south on PreEmption Rd, you will be
turning LEFT to get onto this road. Once on the road Reuben advised that
you drive along for about 1/4 mile. At about this point you will see a
loading dock at which point you are now to head about 100 feet south. From
THAT point, go about 100 feet east. You will see that the owner has cleared
some of the rows of trees and the birds were heard and seen mostly on the
NORTH side of the driveway - among the bushy cleared area between the
cleared rows.
Hope these directions are not too confusing and good luck.
Pete Saracino


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