Decided to drive down to Greensprings and Arnot Forest this morning
(pretending SFO was still happening, I guess). The upper part had the usual
suspects (Bobolink, Blackburnian, Ovenbirds too shy to pose for video,
Towhees, Black-Throated Greens and Blues, Black and White). At the bottom,
things felt quiet as I drove until I saw a Blue-Headed Vireo foraging at
eye-level right next to the road, soon joined by a female Blackburnian. I
ended up standing there for a good hour watching Blackburnians chase each
other, Black-Throated Blue Warbler and Blue-Headed Vireo, some Canada
Warblers singing loudly above but never showing themselves, and a
Bay-Breasted Warbler at eye level but too brief for a photo. A pretty fun
morning, but as I was receiving notifications of Golden-Winged Warblers in
Ithaca (a bird I haven't seen yet, although I've seen two Lawrence's), I
wondered whether I should've stayed closer to home.

I drove over to Cayuta Lake to paddle up the inlet, having to get past four
beaver dams before reaching the foot bridge I couldn't get under. Notable
sounds include Yellow-Throated Vireo and Northern Waterthrush. A silent
little gray-brown bird turned out to be a Marsh Wren. Then on a log in the
flooded woods just off the main channel I spied a clear brown heron shape:
an American Bittern! Managed to snap a couple shots as it skulked away into
the tussocks not to be seen again. Back out on the lake an adult Bald Eagle
soared overhead - I think they're nesting somewhere on the east side of the
lake. And in the swamps I caught a brief glimpse of a Wood Duck hen with
some six ducklings trailing behind. Out of nowhere a Northern Waterthrush
flew in loudly and announced itself several times high in the open before
diving down to a possible nest site?

Ended up being a good day.



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