Connecting to the recent discussion here, about arrogant dog-owners, this case 
in Central Park, NYC is relevant. 

The sister of the birdwatcher in the incident sent around his original film, 
which is going viral and reaching millions now:

The BBC reports:

But, because the birdwatcher who reminded the woman she is required to have her 
dog leashed in the park, was a Black man, Christian Cooper, most attention has 
understandably turned to her astounding attempt to call in the police on 
account him being a Black person -- and less attention seems to be paid to her 
arrogance against our feathered friends ... which is why he told her. 

Some people online have tried to highlight the guy's identity as a birdwatcher 

Here is Christian Cooper the man talking about the excitement of birdwatching:

Also his friend said this - turns out he's a TV host, “Birds of North America”:

All in all, I think this incident actually brought out how the arrogance of the 
dogowners setting their down on birds and people, is actually intimately 
related to the deeper history of colonialist appropriation (the "I, me, mine" 
selfishness of grabbing, owning, excluding others), and the racism that goes 
with it ... and apraently lurks right under the surface, consciously or not. 

(ps. I live in both Ithaca and NYC and often birded in Central Park, and I 
often have chatted with fellow birdwatchers while waiting for birds in the 
Ravine and other places. I think I may have run into Cooper a few years ago)

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