This morning I noticed a Mourning Dove with an appropriate size small branch, 
on our platform feeder—with no other birds present.  It walked around the 
feeder, and then to the other side several times.  At first I thought maybe the 
branch was stuck in its beak, so took a look with my bins, and could see the 
bird was holding onto the branch!  It was there for a few minutes before flying 
to another nearby tube feeder, with the branch still in its mouth—having a 
little difficulty maintaining its balance on the perch, with the branch in its 
mouth!  I looked away from window a bit, and when I looked back the dove was 
still on tube feeder, but had dropped the branch.  However, a few minutes 
later, the Dove had his special branch and was back on the tube feeder!!  I 
could only assume he was trying to attract a mate with a beautiful branch—but 
no one was at the feeder(s) to see it!!

Sara Jane


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