As pointed out by several people, I meant of course Orange-Crowned Warbler.
That's what happens when trying to type on your phone while walking
down the recway, I guess.
(Hard to blame auto-correct for this one, though.)

Meanwhile, it's interesting that the OCWA did not fire off an ebird
alert as I would've expected. Does that feel like something that needs
(In contrast, the ebird alerts about red-eyed vireos, while a little
noisy, are at least understandable for seasonality reasons.)


On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 9:11 AM Suan Yong <> wrote:
> Like yesterday hawthorn orchard was again relatively quiet today, nashville 
> warblers continuing to be the dominant singer, with a good number of white 
> crowned sparrows singing and foraging in the freshly and messily mown grass, 
> joining a seemingly diminishing number of white throated sparrows.
> Then Ken Kemphues chased me down to tell me that he'd just seen an 
> orange-crowned sparrow after following an unfamiliar trill, and together we 
> were able to relocate it. (So FOY credit goes to him.) The trill fits in the 
> junco-chipping range, but doesn't stay in the same pitch like those songs, 
> varying and slowly descending towards the end. At times it seemed to have an 
> edge, and was somewhat reminiscent of a female cowbird's chatter.
> Suan
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> Composed by thumb and autocorrect.


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