Yesterday I got really good looks at a gorgeous male Magnolia Warbler in my old 
fruit trees and later saw a gray Screech Owl resting in the special tree in the 
300 block of Lansing Station Road! Owl obviously saw me looking at it, so I 
left it alone.

Today, I am hearing the Great-crested Flycatcher in my tall trees, but can’t 
see him. Earlier heard a Common Yellowthroat, which I also could not see.

I am not seeing as many Baltimore Orioles here as I did last year and I have 
seen only two Orchard Orioles a couple times. I’m hoping that’s because a lot 
of other people are feeding oranges and jelly on this road now.
 Also the Orioles and Catbirds seem to be eating only grape jelly and very 
little of the fresh orange halves I put out.
Still hearing a Loon on lake.

Donna Scott
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