Hi all,

First, Armitage Road reopened earlier this week! The amount of water that was 
covering the road was incredible. With the overnight rain I was worried it 
might bring it up again.

Second, the fields on either side are still VERY flooded, and this morning's 
commute showed me 100+ swans, most on the south side of the road. Both Tundras 
and Trumpeters. I was running late to work, so couldn't do a solid count, but 
I'd guess 2/3 Trumpeters and 1/3 Tundras just based off vocalizations.

A nice mix of a few hundred ducks: Mallards, Pintail, Shovelers dominated the 

There was also an adult eagle sitting in the big tree that's on the berm next 
to Clinton's Ditch (old Erie canal on the west end of the fields). There is a 
nest near there, and during the winter I frequently see the pair sitting there.

Happy birding!

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