This may be old news to many, but Audubon just sent out an email out 
noting this award!  Link to the excellent story included in the quote 
> Three Award-Winning Stories from /Audubon/ Magazine 
> <>
> Last year, a pair of *Peregrine Falcons returned* 
> <>
> to nest in New York’s Taughannock Gorge—a beloved destination for 
> falcon aficionados and site of the first attempt to reintroduce the 
> species—for the first time since 1946. For /Audubon/ magazine, Tim 
> Gallagher traces the history of the Peregrine’s decline and recovery 
> from DDT and what it’s like to finally witness its return to this 
> hallowed ground—a story that the Outdoor Writers Association of 
> America awarded first place in its competition for conservation and 
> nature writing.  . . .


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