Sharing the joy.Hammond Hill Owls, HHOWLS, had its second consecutive covid 
restricted banding year. We had fewer people involved (9 vs ~30), fewer nets (5 
vs 8), fewer nights since fewer peope meant nearly everybody had to come every 
night we banded (8 vs 15-18). Still, we caught 55 birds. After last year's 
flood of Hatch Year birds we anticipated and did get a large percentage of 
Second Year birds (62%). Amazingy, we caught 8 birds that had bands (15%): one 
from Kelly's Iland in western Lake Erie, one from the Upper Peninsula of MI., 
two from Ontario banded at stations nearly directly north of us. two from PA, 
one that we banded last year, and one that isn't yet recorded with the Bird 
Banding Laboratory. It is amazing to think of all these little owls flying by 
all of us that come from all over eastern North America.
We hope that we can open the banding to a larger number of people in coming 

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