Thank you for not trespassing.  My aunt lives down there and it can
sometimes get quite frustrating when people come in and wander freely as
though it's a regular park area.  It is not, it just has "park" in the name
of the road.  I appreciate your consideration.  :)

It warmed my heart to hear of the swans, thank you.  When my uncle was
dying, he asked to come home to Ladoga Park from Florida.  He wanted to see
his beloved lake again and hoped to see some swans too.  It was February
over a decade ago, and he got to see the swans.  I will let my aunt know
they are back.  <3


On Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 10:57 AM Robyn Bailey <> wrote:

> This morning I spotted a flock of ~12 Tundra Swans near shore in the
> Ladoga Park Road neighborhood of Lansing. Probably the same flock that
> Donna Scott reported on Sunday. Mixed in with Canada Geese, mallards, and
> assorted winter ducks (I didn’t have time to sort through them). There were
> at least 12 swans, but maybe more (I didn’t want to trespass and get closer
> to the private docks).
> Robyn Bailey
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